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Elaine’s exercise class for the over 50’s is 60 minutes of well designed challenging, but achievable “keep fit” all done to music. It’s not just for the ladies and you will definitely feel the benefits - guaranteed!

(Doreen & Keith)


My husband gave me a lovely petrol lawn mower which cut beautifully but was too hard for me to pull start alone.  I started 'Keep Fit' with Elaine in the autumn and was amazed to find that by the time the grass needed cutting in the spring my mower had lost an amazing amount of weight and started easily!  Thank you Elaine,  Bev (Winfrith)


Just a quickie to thank you for the enjoyable class you gave this morning and for all the useful tips you email.  I do read them! (Sue from Weymouth)


I felt really puffed out coming up those stairs on the first week. After 3 weeks, I can climb the stairs with no puffing! (Ann from Weymouth).


My neck was really stiff at my first session, but felt much better afterwards. (Trish from Sandford)


It's two years since Val and I, and one or two others I think, started the class with you -  it's been excellent, don't always feel in the mood, but very beneficial and worth every penny!   Thank you so much. (Rosemarie from Weymouth)


When my post man questioned why I was going to keep fit, I told him that you have to keep fit in your 60s so you don't go to seed in your 70s! (Maizie from Winfrith class)


I hate to say it, but those horrible leg-swinging exercises we do are standing me in goood stead now, The physios couldn't believe how quickly I was managing crutches etc. (from a participant in Weymouth,

after breaking her ankle!)


My shoulders are 10% better than they were when I first started coming. (Nigel - ex-GP from



I think we should call it "keep going", not "keep fit"! (John from Briantspuddle)

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